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Winter Village At Bryant Park

Travel Photo: Winter Village At Bryant Park Ice Rink

One of the many little shops in the Winter Village

While wandering around Manhattan and Hell’s Kitchen I came across the Winter Village at Bryant Park.  Located just behind the New York Public Library, the Winter Village is a set of seasonal shops that pops up in the weeks before Christmas.  The Village boasts a plethora of gift shops of all sorts, as well as a wide assortment of food from candies to cookies and cakes to foreign delights.

Dotted around the park are benches and tables where you can enjoy a hot cranberry cider while people watching and munching on a crepe.  Or enjoy a walk from stall to stall searching for that perfect, and possibly quirky gift.  The Winter Village reminds me a lot of festivals I’ve been to in Europe and was a great way to spend a few hours of my afternoon.

Central to the village is a nicely constructed temporary ice skating rink where kids of all ages line up to skate in the park and parents, friends and family can hang out to watch the fun.

Bryant Park is located at 41 W 40th Street in Manhattan just behind the New York Public Library.  You’ll instantly recognize the library from the opening scenes of the movie Ghostbusters, where the boys are chased out of the stacks by a spectral librarian determined to enforce the library rules.

The Winter Village Ice Skating Rink is open from 30 October until the beginning of March.  The Shops are there from 30 October until early January and new for the 2016-17 season is rink-side dining in a temporary restaurant called Celsius.

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