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The Universal Constant: Pie

A delicious Australian style meat pie

And in the gaps of the city, there was pie. Pie to rival the great pie makers of the Fowl And Foetus. Delicious pie full of meat.

To understand the importance of this picture, one must step back in time a few years to the early fall of 2010.  It was my first trip to the United Kingdom and I was in Oxford for a week long sprint with my QA team from Canonical.

During the sprint, we discovered the hallowed pub known as the Eagle and Child, also affectionately referred to as the Bird and Baby, Bird and Boy, or Fowl and Foetus by the locals.  This quaint, ancient public house was once the home to The Inklings, a group of budding writers, some of whom you may have heard of at some point in your life.

We went for the Beer and Banter, but we discovered that first night of what would become a nightly ritual (twice on Thursday!), Pie.  Glorious meat filled pie, smothered in gravy with mushy peas and mash.  We tried every pie they had to offer and they were all glorious in their own way.  And because of that, I have sought out Pie every time I’m in the UK, or anywhere even remotely influenced by Britain, including finding a pub in Taipei that served English style meat pies.

So when my friend Chris and I (Chris is one of the original DisPIEples as we called ourselves) were in NYC for a sprint, we found a place nestled in a remodeled warehouse called the Tuck Shop.

Located at 75 9th Avenue between 15Th and 16Th streets in the Chelsea Market, the Tuck Shop is a purveyor of the Aussie version of the classic English pie.  They do keep the tradition alive, and we were quite pleased with our choices for dinner that evening.  They were fresh and delicious, full of meat and beer gravy, with mushed peas and chased down with a cold beer.

The prices are great and they have more than just Pies, so if you’re in the area, stop by the Chelsea Market and get yourself a pie at the Tuck Shop, or try something delicious from one of the many other restaurants in the Market building.



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