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Travel Photo: Sunset Beach, North Carolina

Travel Photo: Sunset Beach, North Carolina

Sunset at Sunset Beach, North Carolina

My home away from home is on the Carolina Coast.  I’ve a house there that serves as an occasional alternate work location and gives me direct access to sun, sand, salt water and fresh seafood.

Sunset Beach is a great location, just north of the South Carolina border, Myrtle Beach and all the tourist trappings of the Grand Strand is just a 30 minute drive away, the historic city of Wilmington with it’s ports and beaches, parks and museums is only 40 minutes in the other direction, and it’s small, thus less prone to tourist overload, making it an ideal escape from the noise and ignorance of tourists.

I try to get there as often as I can, though that’s never often enough, but there’s nothing like sitting out on the porch on a cool morning, starting my day off for work with a steaming cup of coffee and a fresh bagel with lox and cream cheese from The Bagel Dock.


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