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Travel Photo: Go Go Curry USA

Travel Photo: Go Go Curry USA

When I travel, I do my best to only eat at local restaurants or snack stands.  I will do anything to avoid a national or international chain with very few exceptions.  As it happens, Four Square recommended Go Go Curry USA as one of the best places in our part of Manhattan to get some Japanese Curry.  I love Japanese curry and Four Square did not disappoint on this count.  It was very, very good, and you get a lot of food for the prices.

This particular one is located at 273 W 38th St in Manhattan, not far from Times Square.  It’s a very tiny place, more for takeaway than dine-in, though they do have some bar style seating if you’re inclined to stay and eat rather than dash and dine.

Photo taken at: Go Go Curry USA

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