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[Review] Brisket BBQ, North Myrtle Beach

I travel to Texas every so often for work, and one thing I’m sure to get any time I’m there is some Texas BBQ. Living not too far from the capital of Pork BBQ (Lexington North Carolina), I have pretty high standards for smoked meat and I’ve had some of the best Texas has to offer.

If you’re unfamiliar, the biggest difference (beyond preparation) is that Texas is cattle country and specializes in Beef, primarily ribs and brisket, where NC and parts east specialize on the more plentiful Pork. And there is nothing in the world like a pit cooked pile of beef brisket, with a deliciously crusty outside and a juicy, warm inside.

So I had high expectations when I first found Brisket in North Myrtle Beach, not too long after they first opened, and the experience was so good I come back every time I’m in the area.

Brisket offers the usual Texas style fare: brisket, ribs (sold by the bone, and believe me, one is enough), smoked chicken, spicy or non-spicy smoked sausage. I’ve had them all and all are delicious. The beef is rubbed and slowly smoked the right way so that the brisket has a flavorful, crunchy coating with soft, melt-in-your-mouth buttery fat cap and fork tender meat underneath. The ribs are incredible, but as I said, one is more than enough for most people. The chicken is smoked chicken. It’s good, but I go for the beef. The sausages have a nice casing, and a juicy filling with a nice smoky flavor. The spicy ones aren’t overly spicy, and the non-spicy is just full of meaty goodness.

The sides are also typical, beans, potato salad, mac and cheese, greens, etc. The Beans and Bacon are my favorite, with a slightly smoky, but sweet and bacony flavor, slow cooked and go really, really well with the smoked beef. And each platter is served just as they are in Texas, with white bread, slices of sweet, raw onion and a pickle.

The restaurant also serves up a nice selection of craft beer, as well as some mass produced beers, as well as well drinks, liquors, etc. Despite my dislike of mass produced beer, there’s something about an ice cold Lone Star to wash it down, though while Brisket doesn’t carry Lone Star, they do sell Shiner Bock, which is also good with a smoked brisket platter.


The service has been good on my visits there, I’ve no complaints. The staff is friendly, attentive and know their menu well and can recommend the right things. The sauces are all made in house and all, from the sweet to the spicy taste good on their meat.

So while this may not be Salt Lick, or Black’s or Iron Works or Franklin, Brisket captures the essence and flavor of real Texas BBQ and it’s prepared and served with a love of all things smoked and tasty.

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