Dressing comfy and not ending up on PassengerShaming


When flying from the US, there is quite a difference when flying to Europe as opposed to flying to the Asia/Pacific region (including Australia and New Zealand).  The difference is that flights to London from the East Coast of the …

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Raleigh-Durham International Airport (RDU)


On the way to LGA

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New routes to SYD via OneWorld


Head’s up!  While reading The Points Guy this morning, I came across this update about new routes coming from some major airlines.   Quantas will begin offering service from SFO to Sydney beginning later this year.  However, it seems this will be on a …

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Into Macau

I wouldn’t say I was gripping the seat in terror but I will say that my confidence in reuniting with terra firma at a speed significantly lower than terminal velocity was not too high as we bounced and bumped and …

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Back in the Saddle Again


It’s a new year, this 2014, and I’ve already spent more time on the road than I have at home.  Truth be told I miss my wife, my dogs, and my newly hatched frogs.  I miss my bed, my Pöang …

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Why foreign lounges are better than domestic carrier lounges


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The two hour transfer. Or, how to avoid running from one gate to the next

I’ll put it quite simply, if you’re making an international trip and have any connections, try to plan at least a 2 hour transfer in each connecting airport.  This is especially important once you start transferring through other countries during …

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Ways to make that flight a little more tolerable

On an unrelated forum I’m a member of, someone posted a question about how to make that long intercontinental flight more tolerable. He had a couple good ideas to start, but here are my suggestions for making that flight better. …

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