Winter Village At Bryant Park

One of the many little shops in the Winter Village

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Review: Osprey Ozone Courier bag – Could Be the Perfect Carry-on/EDC Shoulder Bag for Your Global Adventures.

I haven’t posted anything in a while, so lets start with a Gear Review… I admit, I’m a bag whore. I like bags, book bags, back packs, day packs, etc. I have a collection of them and like to think …

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Two ways to confuse the locals in Japan

“Konichiwa,” I said as I approached the counter this morning to make my purchases at the Keio Department Store food market with my hands full of my items. The lady at the cash register perked up and immediately began firing …

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The Month of Living Expatriately: Part 4 – Weekend Shenanigans

Taipei can be a very busy city.  The locals work hard from morning and often well into the night.  It’s not uncommon to see businesses that westerners would expect to be closed by 6:00PM to remain open until nearly midnight. …

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The Month of Living Expatriately: Part 3 – Xiaochi Fever

Ahhh, have I ever mentioned how much I love street food?  In China and Taiwan, these delectable treats are called xiaochi.  Loosely translated in English, it means snack foods.  It’s something you can find at the hundreds of thousands of …

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