Dressing comfy and not ending up on PassengerShaming


When flying from the US, there is quite a difference when flying to Europe as opposed to flying to the Asia/Pacific region (including Australia and New Zealand).  The difference is that flights to London from the East Coast of the …

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The Universal Constant: Pie


And in the gaps of the city, there was pie. Pie to rival the great pie makers of the Fowl And Foetus. Delicious pie full of meat

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The Travelling Monkey


Monkey is off to NYC

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Two ways to confuse the locals in Japan

“Konichiwa,” I said as I approached the counter this morning to make my purchases at the Keio Department Store food market with my hands full of my items. The lady at the cash register perked up and immediately began firing …

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Into Macau

I wouldn’t say I was gripping the seat in terror but I will say that my confidence in reuniting with terra firma at a speed significantly lower than terminal velocity was not too high as we bounced and bumped and …

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Oh Taipei, I missed you so…

I love my job, I really do.  Not only to I work with some truly gifted, wonderfully kind and fun people, but my job affords me the ability to work completely from my home office as well travel world wide. …

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Back in the Saddle Again


It’s a new year, this 2014, and I’ve already spent more time on the road than I have at home.  Truth be told I miss my wife, my dogs, and my newly hatched frogs.  I miss my bed, my Pöang …

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On the road again…

It’s been a while since the Month of Living Expatriately, and I’m finally getting back on the road.  As I mentioned before, times do change and travel in my company has become more difficult to approve.  It’s not a bad …

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The Month of Living Expatriately: Epilogue – Stranger in a Strange Land

After only a month of living in a completely foreign culture, a place where English is an afterthought (though fairly widely spoken among a good portion of the population) and 30+ hours of travel back “Home” to the United States, …

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The Month of Living Expatriately: Part 5 – That Evening, She Wept


Wednesday started off melancholy for me.  It was my last day in Taipei, my last day of work in the office at Taipei 101.  My last night in the only other city in the world that feels like home.  Tomorrow I would …

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