Ivan Ramen Slurp Shop


Back for some miso butter mazemen with pork belly and a garlic bomb. That’s how I roll

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The Universal Constant: Pie


And in the gaps of the city, there was pie. Pie to rival the great pie makers of the Fowl And Foetus. Delicious pie full of meat

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Travel Photo: Rudy’s Bar & Grill


NYC travel

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Travel Photo: Go Go Curry USA


I love Japanese curry and this is the best in NYC. It was quite good

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Travel Photo: YOTEL Breakfast NYC


Poached eggs, hash, bacon. Not a bad looking breakfast

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A little Filipino Heaven in the midst of London’s polite chaos


I first found Josephine’s Restaurant in February 2014 when I was in London for work. I’m half Filipino and miss the savory and delicious foods of my people and try to find a Filipino restaurant any time I travel. Sometimes that …

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REVIEW: The Best BBQ I’ve Ever Encountered at an Airport


Salt Lick is a very well known Austin BBQ restaurant, featured on several foodie TV shows, magazines, newspaper articles and so forth.  It’s one of those “If you’re ever in Austin, you have to have dinner at …” kind of …

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A night out at the Abbot’s Choice in Roppongi


I’m sitting here in a tiny classroom full of engineers, sitting in and assisting with a training class that some consultants from my company are putting on to teach them how to deploy OpenStack Cloud software.  The room has nice …

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The Month of Living Expatriately: Part 5 – That Evening, She Wept


Wednesday started off melancholy for me.  It was my last day in Taipei, my last day of work in the office at Taipei 101.  My last night in the only other city in the world that feels like home.  Tomorrow I would …

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Schwartz’s Deli – You can’t go wrong with Smoked Meat


I’m a big fan of local food when I travel.  Sure there’s a McDonald’s in every town; and Starbucks, sometimes Burger King, Chili’s and other exports of American culinary failures are available too.  But to really get the feel of …

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