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Back in the Saddle Again

In FlightIt’s a new year, this 2014, and I’ve already spent more time on the road than I have at home.  Truth be told I miss my wife, my dogs, and my newly hatched frogs.  I miss my bed, my Pöang chair, my desk, my Miata, my truck, my motorcycle.  I miss the peace and quiet on my deck, the food in town and heading out to Raleigh for a night with my honey.

But I’ve missed the travel.  Last year I was a bit lacking in quantity, though I made up for it with the Month of Living Expatriately in Taipei, Taiwan and a return visit to Asia in the fall to spend a week in Tokyo at a customer site.  Somewhere in there I also hit San Francisco and capped the year off with a few days in Maine visiting friends.

Now it’s 2014 and I’ve already wrapped up a week in Boston, a week in Austin and I’m now Eastbound and Down for a week plus in London, England.  By the time I return home, I will have flown RDU – CLT – BOS – DCA – RDU – CLT – AUS – CLT – PHL – LHR – PHL – CLT – RDU.  I will have certainly spent more time away from home than at home, but oh how Ive missed this.

My wife asked me if I still liked the travel and my answer is always Yes to that.  My manager asked me if I was interested in going to a sprint in London (Which is where I’m headed to now) and my answer to him was “David, whenever the question is ‘Would you like to travel to X’, barring any existing schedule conflicts, my answer is always Yes”.

I was born to explore.  It’s nice having roots and a place to come home to, but there’s such a big world out there and I have the chance to see it.  I wish I could bring Dana along with me on all my travels, but I fear she’d probably be bored most of the time as she’d be alone all day and I’d only have a few nights due to work commitments in the evenings.  I certainly need to figure out how to bring her along more though.  But that’s not why I love the travel.  I enjoy the vibe of new cities and countries.  I love the food, the museums when I stay over a few days and the people.  I love the smells, and I actually love the hustle and bustle of the airport, so many people going from one place to the next, each with their own story, their own adventure yet to be written.

So here I sit, in First Class from Austin to Charlotte thinking on my year so far, and I must say it’s good.  I still think I’d not want to travel more than maybe 30% of the time, but I hate traveling less.  I was born to move, to explore, to see and do.  I was given this insatiable need to experience, this hunger for new things and new adventure. And here I am, on my next adventure.

London is calling, and I’m answering.

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    1. jeff Post author

      True, but Canadia is America’s Hat… it’s just like heading up to the 51st state 😉 I think I have trouble counting it sometimes because it’s the same continent… and I can be in Montreal or Toronto faster than I can be in California.

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