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Airport Sushi: An Adventure

Travel Photo: Charlotte Douglas International Airport


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I’m a big fan of sushi.  Well, I’m a big fan of Japanese food in general, but sushi has a special place in my heart.  But I am very cautious when getting sushi and tend to avoid things like Grocery Store and Airport Sushi.  But one afternoon on a layover at CLT, I decided to finally try the Sushi from First Flight.

First Flight is a sushi bar in the middle of the CLT Atrium, between the B and C terminals, beside the piano and just below the staircase to the lounges that overlook the hustle and bustle and long row of rocking chairs that fill the central area of the Charlotte Douglass International Airport.  It seems to get good reviews online, so I chose to give it a go rather than the usual BBQ from Brookwood Farms or TexMex from the Tequileria.

I must say, I was pleasantly surprised.  The sushi was fresh, not stale, and tasted good.  It didn’t taste like Grocery Store Sushi, and wasn’t merely pre-made bits that had been frozen and thawed, they make it to order, which is important.  The presentation was nice, the price was not terribly expensive it made for a nice change of pace as I awaited my 20 minute flight to RDU to get home.

So all in all, I have to say I’m now a fan of First Flight at CLT.  Next time I’m transiting through Charlotte, I’ll be sure to stop in for some Sushi, and maybe I’ll even pick up some to-go if I’m on an outbound journey.


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