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Who is the Incidental Toursit guy?

What I do when I travel

Just to clear some things up about the “glory of business travel”

For starters, my name is Jeff and I work for a company that has a fairly unique business structure.  We have several offices around the world, in places like London, Montreal and Taipei yet roughly 80% of our workforce telecommutes from home.  We’re all smart, computer savvy people who believe in the ideals and benefits of Open Source, and together we produce the Number One Desktop Linux Distribution in the world, Ubuntu.

Because of the way our business runs, there is quite a bit of international travel to meet with team members, to attend large events like the Ubuntu Developer Summit, Sprints or Rallies, or to check up on the various test labs that I maintain.  Through that business travel, I’ve had the opportunity to see some down-right amazing things, been to some incredible places and experienced things I never imagined I’d be able to.

To be honest, the travel is one of the best benefits of the job.  So I decided to start this site because I really am The Incidental Tourist.  My tourism (a lot of it at least) is based on a few days before or after a work event, or even a couple nights during events.  As I’ve traveled the world over the last few years and hopefully will continue to do so for many more to come, I hope to be able to share my experiences here.  I also hope to share the lessons I’ve learned as a seasoned traveler as well as some images from around the world.  I’d like to give you tips on some things to see, things to eat and things to avoid.  But ultimately, I want to chronicle my travels around the US and the world and share them with friends and family and anyone who’s ever been interested in the world around them.

I’m an explorer at heart, I was born to travel and experience things that many can’t even imagine.  I finally have that chance and I’m taking full advantage of it. So come share the journey with me…

2 thoughts on “Who is the Incidental Toursit guy?

  1. Dawn Jorgensen

    Hey, your blog just came up under Mentions and I thought I would have a read and say hello. I blog and write as The Incidental Tourist and have done for five years. Based in South Africa and absolutely a happy traveller. Good to meet you. Dawn

    1. jeff Post author

      Oh hi, nice to meet you… I actually did stumble on your site after looking into who owned recently. 🙂 Nice to meet another fellow traveller. Hah, and I thought I was being clever with the title when I thought it up. Just goes to prove that any time I think I’ve thought up something new, someone more clever than I has already done it 😀

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