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Tip: Don’t bother with the United Club in Philly Terminal D

On a recent flight through Philly, I had to catch a connection in terminal F, the terminal of misfit toys.  This is where they send all the little turbo-prop puddle hoppers that fly into the big ol’ city from the …

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Tails of the Wandering Monkey in a Time of High Adventure!

There are essentially two types of travel and anyone who’s ever made a border crossing knows them well: business or pleasure.  I started this site with an idea to just write about my misadventures around the world.  Actually, I had …

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Schwartz’s Deli – You can’t go wrong with Smoked Meat

I’m a big fan of local food when I travel.  Sure there’s a McDonald’s in every town; and Starbucks, sometimes Burger King, Chili’s and other exports of American culinary failures are available too.  But to really get the feel of …

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